Gender & Eqaulity

Gender & Eqaulity

Cross cutting – Mainstreaming equal opportunities for all in Caritas Uganda programme intervention

Although Uganda is a signatory to several international, regional instruments on equal opportunities and had put in place several laws on promoting women and girls’ human rights including the 1995 Constitution, it is important to note that there are wide inequalities between women and men, girls and boys. For instance women and men are not equally accessing, participating owning and controlling natural resource management, leave alone benefiting from the development programmes. Caritas Uganda will take deliberate and targeted interventions- programmes, projects and actions that are aimed at promoting equal opportunities and women’s empowerment.

Uganda is experiencing climate change associated challenges such as floods, landslides and prolonged droughts among others that are impacting negatively on the lives of Ugandans especially the poor. Caritas Uganda will educate communities on climate change as well as support interventions aimed at protecting and conserving natural resources especially forests. Besides climate change, Uganda’s past has been characterized by internal conflicts due to poor governance, inter- cultural and resources related conflicts. Peace building interventions will also form an important part of Caritas Uganda strategic plan.

Strategic interventions
  1. Promote the delivery of women and girls’ human rights especially access and control over productive resources and opportunities.

  2. Support women’s participation in leadership and democratic processes.

  3. Promote safe homes and communities through eliminating domestic violence.

  4. Reduce conflicts through conflict sensitive and peace building programme delivery

  5. Promote hygiene and sanitation in homes and communities.