Emergency & Relief

Emergency & Relief

Contribute to reduced vulnerabilities and enhanced resilience of communities to disasters

Amidst the effects of climate change, Ugandans are also challenged by low levels of awareness in relation to climate change, inadequate resources and funding towards implementation of developmental programmes on disaster management, lack of and/ or unaffordability of alternative energy sources, inadequate institutional and manpower capacity in meteorology and other issues related to climate monitoring. Adaptation to climate change effects is therefore very important to Uganda. Under this specific objective, the aim is to reduce vulnerabilities and enhance resilience of communities in Uganda to disasters.

Strategic Interventions
  1. Build capacity for disaster risk reduction.

  2. Networking with key partners in disaster risk management.

  3. Advocate for increased resource allocation for disaster risk management in Uganda

  4. Build sustainable community assets for the management of disasters and risks.

  5. Support the provision of relief equipment’s and relevant services to people emergencies.

  6. Run a charity campaign for the marginalized and disadvantaged in Uganda with particular reference to people in prison, orphans, displaced people, the sick and widowers.