Capacity Development

Capacity Development

Promote institutional development and sustainability.

The implementation of this strategic plan requires effective and efficient management of the processes. Caritas Uganda will require skilled personnel at all levels and adequate financial resources to deliver the set objectives. It is therefore essential that the skills and experiences of the staff and other stakeholders are strengthened and equipped to meet the emerging challenges and social- economic operating environment. Under this specific objective, the aim is to strengthen the capacity of Caritas Uganda –staff and other stakeholders to effectively implement this strategic plan, consolidate its previous achievements as well as strategically position Caritas Uganda to influence the national development priorities, as well as voice its concerns at the international level.

Strategic Interventions

  1. Undertake joint planning, implementation and monitoring of Caritas Uganda programme activities.

  2. Build capacity of the staff and other stakeholder through training in order to provide strategic guidance, support implementation of this strategic plan and monitor the progress made.

  3. Mobilise adequate resources for implementing this Strategic Plan.

  4. Build capacity of the staff and other stakeholders on promoting human rights based approach to development including equal opportunities for all- women, men, girls and boys.

  5. Undertake mid-term and final impact evaluation of the Strategic Plan implementation.